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Ozone disinfection

In order to guarantee the health of our customers and employees, this year we have decided to apply a special treatment in all incoming guest rooms to make the rooms hygienic without the use of chemicals through the use of Ozone Generating Machines. These machines are mainly used in health care environments for cleaning operating theatres, surgeries and ambulances.


Let us briefly introduce you to what this is all about.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a strong oxidising agent and this characteristic has been effectively used in many air treatment processes for odour abatement and disinfection. Its effect is bactericidal, fungicidal and inactivating. The germicidal and deodorising activity of ozone is based on its high specificity as a direct oxidant: thanks to this chemical peculiarity, all the organic residues and odorous molecules that are present in the fumes that are aspirated by the suction hoods are profoundly altered, disaggregated and therefore inactivated, eliminating all smells so that odour-free air is introduced into the atmosphere.


How does it work?

As soon as ozone comes into contact with organic matter, it triggers an oxidising reaction that kills all living micro-organisms and also attacks the molecules that make up odours, neutralising them.


What are the advantages and benefits?

Eliminates VOC toxins (volatile organic compounds)
Reduces carbon monoxide.
Eliminates all types of odours. N.B. Ozone does not mask odours, it literally eliminates them by breaking down odour compounds into reduced substances that lose their odour and toxicity.

Why the ozone generator?

Does not require the use of chemicals.
Environmentally friendly.
Leaves no residues of any kind.

Italian and international recognitions:

Ministry of Health - protocol no. 24482 of 31/07/1996 recognises the ozone sanitisation system as a natural remedy.
O.N.B. has recognised ozone as a sanitising agent that looks to the future and lays the foundations for an increasingly profitable diffusion of more efficient and less chemical methods for ensuring the healthiness of spaces.
E.F.S.A. (European Food Safety Authority)
N.O.P (National Organic Program)
USDA American - F.D.A (food and drug adm)

Why choose us
Our strengths:

Our family-run hotel is typical of the Romagna tradition and its values are hospitality, friendliness and authenticity, which make our clients happy.


All Inclusive formula on request with supplement (min 6 nights)
Beach umbrella at participating beach establishments and water at meals


 The hotel is ideally located in front of the sea, with a pleasant walk of a few minutes, near the pictoresque historical centre of the city and the charming channel.


Small pets allowed: small four-legged friends are welcome on request. Access to the restaurant is not allowed.


 The hotel has recently undergone a modern renovation, ensuring in each room with sea view a contemporary cosy interior with warm delicate soft shades.


Our tasty kitchen offers various menus suitable for every taste and also menus prepared for children, vegetables and appetizer buffet.

Fish is served every day. We provide excellent custmore service to ensure you are looked after and well catered for.


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